Burma Overlanding
( 9 Days / 8 Nights)
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Arrival at Yangon international airport, greeting and transfer to the hotel. In the evening, our 4×4 team will offer a welcoming party with dinner at Awai Metta hotel where we present trip briefing and introduce your 4X4 vehicles at the ready to set off tomorrow morning.

Activity; Welcoming dinner at Awei Metta hotel

Sunset at Shwedagon

Overnight at Awei Metta hotel


Yangon – Paungde – Bago Yoma Jungle – Mahout village camp

For the first day, we highlight Bago Yoma jungle which is original heavily forested, a main teakwood reserve for the centuries and mahout village where we learn about semi-wildlife jungle habitat with retired elephants.

Early morning, we depart from Yangon to avoid the morning traffic and enjoy local breakfast while we stop at a local morning market. We take Pyay highway heading to the north till a township, Paungde, where we turn feeder route to approach the Bago Yoma jungle. In the noontime, we take lunch at a Kayin tribe’s village and take relax there. In the afternoon we hit a village where we leave our vehicles and continue by trekking for 45 minutes to get our camping place in the jungle. A place named Oozie, mahout village where we can observe the nature-rich habitat of Bago Yoma jungle and welfare retired elephants from the forest industry. Your dinner host by the mahout family would be a vegetarian menu to avoid the red game meal. Overnight in the bamboo house would be cool different. Goodnight!

Lunch at Kayin tribe’s village by Bago Yoma

Activity; Soft Trekking to mahout village for 3km

Sunset at mahout village camp

Dinner at camp

Overnight at Oozie eco-hut camp

Yangon – Paungde (3hr/200km)

Paungde- Kayin Village (1.5hr/75km)

Kayin Village-Mahout camp (2hr/88km)

(Optional; For mild family adventure group, the tour will take overnight stop at Bago Yoma Eco-resort and can extend one more day)


Mahout village – Yah Tho – Se Bue – Kharbae village

Kayah tribes are ethnic minorities of Myanmar races and they are living in very remote area with different custom. A well-known tribe, Kayan wearing long brass-coiled neck is one of the Myanmar minorities and these villages are originally their homeland, but some migrated to Thailand border provinces.

In the morning, wild birdsongs wake you up and mahout team will be ready for the activity, elephant finding. We won’t set up this activity and this is typical work of every single morning. After light breakfast, we follow a mahout team who are finding their elephant in the jungle and learn how they know the right places where elephants are staying. We set off from Bago Yoma and proceed to Kayah state via Laketho path. This region is once forbidden to travel for some decades and just allowed recently. Today we provide lunchbox on the way. In the evening we take dusty brunch track to enter the province dwelled by Kayah minorities. Dinner and overnight would be at a tribe village named Kharbae, in the middle of Htee Sue Htoo rainforest.

Activity; Elephant finding with rangers

Sunset at Kharbae village

Lunch on the way with lunchbox take away

Dinner and Over Night at Kharbae tribe village

Mahout village – Se Bue  (3hr/120km)

Se Bue – Kharbae Village (1hr/30km)

(Optional; For mild family adventure group, the tour will take overnight stop at Thandaung Gyi and can extend one more day)


Kharbae village – Otter cave – Panpet – Demoso – Loikaw

Kayah region is worth about many natural caves and famous cavers are still trying to complete documentation. Some caves are still passing locals legend related to mythical stories.

Village typical morning would be different, and you will notice a slow pace of their daily life. After breakfast we wave the villagers then we take an active drive through the hilly path and proceed by trekking to Otter cave by Hoyar village. Caving time would be taken for a few hours and we are heading to the scenic mountain, White Elephant. At Panpet, Kayan village we stop at a village house to explore their lifestyle and enjoy home-cooked lunch. After sunset at Panpet we drive to Demoso in the evening to have dinner there. When we get Loikaw, quiet atmosphere in Keinnera Hotel let you have the utmost relax. Goodnight!

Lunch at Panpet CBT village

Sunset at Panpet hilltop

Activity; Caving experience

Dinner at Demoso lodge

Overnight at Keinnera Loikaw hotel

Khaebae village – Panpet (2hr/60km)

Panpet – Demoso – Loikaw (1hr/35km)

(Optional; For mild family adventure group, the tour will choose Hteeprunu cave in Pruso and leave for Loikaw)


Loikaw – PhaeKhone – Samkar – Nan Nwet village camp

Inle lake, a place of listed by UNESCO’s people and their environment relationship is one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar and you can see leg-rowing custom at only there. Floating farms and villages laying in the lake are very simple but different when you see getting closer expedition.

We start the morning at a local market where we hang out and enjoy the locals’ typical breakfast. For an hour drive will arrive at Moebyae dam which is supplying water Bilu Chaung hydropower plant, it is the main power supply in Myanmar and constructed by Japan as WWII reparations. We are speedy driving along the highway, and you will see an eyeful of picturesque seasonal plantation landscape when we turn brunch route. The village where we spend lunchtime and bamboo rafting is Samkar lake which is a part of Inle. After lunch at a village house, we say goodbye the villagers and take hilly-dart route heading toward Nan Nwet which is Pa-O tribe village situated on the wind-swept hilltop by the eastern Inle lake. In the evening we will arrive in Nan Nwet where special sunset with a cocktail and the starry-night party would be fantastic with Shan-drumming music and dance with the villagers. Before you sleep in the tent, gaze to the shining Nyaung Shwe town and say goodnight. We will continue there tomorrow.

Activity; Bamboo rafting in Samkar

Lunch at Samkar home cooking

Sunset at Nan Nwet village

Dinner at Camping site with Shan dance

Overnight at Nann Nwet village camping

Loikaw – SamKar (2hr/90km)

Samkar – Nan Nwet (2hr/80km)

(Optional; For mild family adventure group, the tour can take a flat route to get Nan Nwet village for 1hr driving)


Nyaung Shwe – Inle lake – Indein – Myinmati Cave – Kalaw

Not only nowadays and Kalaw was also popular since British colonial as pine-hill station town at 1310 meter above sea level. The atmosphere is calm, cool and pine tree-lined making the fresh breeze.

In the morning, we onboard boat to floating farm and Inthar villages. Drop at a five-daily market in the lake and observe the daily life of the people who live in the lake. Fishing with a leg-rowing boat and floating vegetable farming is different and being for the tourist attraction. After a short visit and enjoy home cooking lunch at Indein we are leaving for beautiful Kalaw. The route we choose to Kalaw is less travel path to see hilly farms sceneries and we stop at a hilltop to enjoy the sunset. When we enter Kalaw in the evening, check-in at the hotel and nightlife is your free time in pine hill city.

Activity; Boating in floating Inle

Lunch at Indein home cooking

Sunset at a Mount. before Kalaw

Dinner at Kalaw hill lodge

Overnight at Kalaw hill lodge

Nyaung Shwe – Kalaw ( 2-3hr/100km)

(Very mild hilly driving moment that proper even for the mild family adventure group)


Kalaw – Pyawbwe – Natmouk – Beikthano – Yenanchaung

Beikthano, a world heritage ancient city traced back to Pyu city-states, between 200BC – 900BC, built on the irrigated field by the Ayeyarwady river basin. Some structures, pottery, artefacts and human skeletons from the date more than 1000 years are remaining.

Today we will take downhill drive to the low-lying dry region till Magwe. Landscapes are dry and weather would be getting warm. The time would be midday when we arrive in Natmouk, the home village of General Aung San and his relatives are still living there. We arrange to have lunch at a local gallery house that belongs to G. Aung San’s relative. In the afternoon, when we head toward Beikthano, the routes are passing some villages and sometimes we will pass dry sandy creeks. Yenanchaung, where we take overnight, is one of the colonial cities highlighted with dotted plenty of oilrigs. In the late afternoon, we reach Yenanchaung where we stay overnight, and you can relax seeing the sunset at Ayeyarwady river.

Activity; Talk with G. Aung San relatives

Lunch at Natmouk, (G. Aung San relative house)

Sunset by the Ayeyarwady river

Dinner at Lei Thar Gon guest house

Overnight at Lei Thar Gone

Kalaw – Natmout (3hr/160km)

Natmout – Yenanchaung (3hr/200km)

(Optional; For mild family adventure group, the tour will take an overnight stop at Taungtwin Gyi and extend one more day)


Yenangyaung – Salay – Chauk – Bagan – Popa

Bagan is a world-famous UNESCO heritage site and the main attraction of tourism industry. During 11th to 13th centuries AD, over 4000 temples and pagodas were constructed and now remains of dotted 3000s still at present.

After breakfast at the hotel, we are driving first to the Myanmar oil field zone where we see a retired officer who was working for decades in the oil industry. He will explain historical talk about Myanmar oil industry and present demonstration of hand-dug oil production of the colonial time. While we pass oil field zones, the routes are almost dry sandy land and sometimes we might take cross-drive sandy rivers. At noon we will hit Salay village and hang out the village by oxcart before lunch at Salay house. In the afternoon we are passing Chauk and time is a very nice atmosphere to visit Bagan. After enjoying sunset at Danayangyi temple we proceed to Popa mountain resort which is an oasis of the dry zone. Dinner at the resort.

Activity; Oxcart riding on salay (Close Monday and Public holiday)  

Lunch at Salay House

Sunset at Bagan

Dinner at Popa Mt. resort

Overnight at Popa Mt. resort

Yenanchaug – Salay (2hr/70km)

Salay – Bagan – Popa (2hr/70km)

(Flat sandy route driving moment that proper even for the mild family adventure group)


Popa – Yandabo – Ava – Mandalay

Mandalay is the last royal capital of Konboung Dynasty and founded by King Mindon at 1857. At present, it is the capital of upper Burma.

Breakfast at Mount Popa would make you a highlighting remembrance in your heart for this trip. We say goodbye Popa and drive down the road to Yandabo village, a place of signing to end first Anglo-Burmese war 1826.  We are hanging out in the village, Yandabo and its main product is pottery. Before Mandalay, we provide a lunch break at Inwa formerly Ava, the capital of Ava kingdom (1364-1555 AD). After a few minutes’ drive we will enter Mandalay and first we check-in at a hotel where you can take a rest to avoid midday heat while making ready for your departure flight. Evening sightseeing at Mandalay would be Royal palace, Mahamuni image and Shwe Kyaung monastery. During the sunset, we are at U Pin bridge and making a celebration for this overlanding trip.

Upon your flight time, we will arrange well your dinner at Mandalay.

Activities; Village Trekking at Yandabo Lunch at Ava Maria in Ava.

Midday relax at Hilton hotel

Sunset at U Pin bridge

Dinner at (Upon flight time)

Popa – Ava (2hr/160km)

Ava – Mandalay (1hr/70km)

(Flat route driving moment that proper even for the mild family adventure group)

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