Responsible Travel

Our Philosophy

To become the preferred travel service company that inspires the world to discover Myanmar’s extraordinary destinations by showcasing its historical and cultural heritage, natural environment and communities.

What Responsible Travel Means


Building respectful relationships between tourists and hosts, encouraging local pride and confidence. Our programmes promote cultural appreciation and authenticity, fostering the preservation of heritage.


Ensure and support the protection of the environment and of biodiversity. We promote packages, excursions and activities which support the local environment and biodiversity.


Excursions are chosen with care, and before offering them to tourists they are evaluated on their sustainability and compliance with our standards.

Our Initiatives



  • Continuous staff training
  • Thematic courses
  • Free English classes
  • First aid training
  • Familiarisation trips
  • Team building and incentives
  • University partner for internships



  • Primary school supporter in Nyaung Shwe and Bagan
  • A partnership with Doh Eain, a non-profit organisation that works towards restoring heritage sites and spaces in Yangon
  • A supporter of Hla Day in Yangon, who support local artisans and small businesses
  • A supporter of Chu Chu in Yangon, a workshop space for local artists
  • Donations to monasteries



As a sustainability-oriented company, we are in partnership with responsible partners (hotels, transportation) and our guides are similarly trained. We create all of our tours and experiences in Myanmar based on our CSR vision.

Way to Travelife

Travelife Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that we have started the Travelife accreditation process and have entered into the first stage of a Travelife engagement with the aim of being a Travelife Partner.


A “Green Team” has been formed with representatives of the different departments in order to assess, create, prepare and monitor the sustainability policies of our DMC.

Our Sustainability Policy

Memories Travel is a consciously responsible DMC committed to reducing negative social and environmental impacts, while increasing the positive impact of tourism on local communities and economy.


Sustainable practices and policies have been implemented in all parts of the business supply chain to improve the consumers’ experience but also those of employees and suppliers. All stages of the business chain are being monitored and evaluated to comply with sustainability standards, the local law and international values.

Office Policies

Memories Travel has committed all our employees to create a sustainable working environment by minimising the use of paper, introducing a strategic recycling programme, banning plastic and reducing electricity.


Employee Welfare

Our employees are our greatest assets and therefore, immense priority is given to creating the best working environment possible. Every single employee is treated equally and given the same chances and opportunities to grow in our company. The well-being and happiness of our employees is crucial for the success of Memories Travel.

Memories Travel is dedicated towards Animal Welfare and assures that the company only works together with suppliers that treat their animals properly. It is crucial to support rehabilitation and conservation efforts in order to aid and highlight animal protection.


Any signs of negative animal welfare will lead to a termination of the contract. Guides will be trained about correct animal welfare practices and customers educated about which excursions to avoid and which items not to purchase.

Sexual Exploitation and abuse of children is not tolerated by our organisation. The company supports all laws which prevent and punish such crimes and expect that all staff, customers and partners refuse to take part in any form of sexual exploitation of children and report witnessed incidents or suspicions immediately.


Breaching this policy can result in the termination of a contract. Memories Travel is committed to providing information to clients and staff about the procedures and raising awareness about this issue. Further trainings will be conducted for all the staff who can then communicate it properly with the customers.


In addition, Memories Travel works together as much as possible with accommodations which support the protection of children. The guidelines provided by The Childsafe Movement, “Child Welfare and the Travel Industry: Global Good Practices and Guidelines” are used by our company as a reference.


Child Safe Movement – 7 Tips For Travellers

Memories Travel ensures and supports the protection of the environment and of biodiversity. Partner Accommodations are expected to limit the negative impact not only on local but also global biodiversity whenever possible. In addition, the company promotes packages, excursions and activities which support the local environment and biodiversity.


Essential Document: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

The main priority of Memories Travel is to include sustainability into the whole supply chain, which includes working with most sustainable suppliers at the destination.

Memories Travel offers alternative sustainable transportation methods to their clients and educates them during their stay about the impacts of each alternative. Carbon offset measures such as planting trees are a priority to our company and included in our contracts.

Our company assures that we only work with sustainable accommodations, which have sufficient labor laws and policies against sexual abuse (ECPAT Code). Furthermore it is crucial that our accommodation suppliers work with locally produced ingredients and support local cultural activities.

Excursions are chosen with care, and before offering them to tourists they are evaluated on whether they are sustainable and comply with the standards set by Memories Travel. No harm should be done to the environment, heritage, animals or social aspect.


Suppliers with sustainable excursions are given priority and those with great potential will receive aid and the resources of Memories Travel to reach the sustainability standards of the company.

Memories Travel ensures fair employment conditions, which are based on international best practice standards. Equal Qualification is the highest priority and discrimination is not tolerated at our company.


Furthermore, guides receive training and information about sustainability to ensure quality experiences for our clients, as we advise them towards the right sustainable choices.

The destinations offered by Memories Travel have been selected based on specific criteria which concern safety, measuring carrying capacity, health and security.


If Memories Travel has concerns regarding the environmental, planning and social issues, the company will use its resources to work with local stakeholders to improve the positive effect of tourism on the local economy, social development and environment.

Consumer awareness is crucial to the sustainability of our product; therefore clients are informed before, during and after their trip about sustainability principles and the effect of specific actions on the surrounding.


Dos and Don’ts – How to be a responsible traveller in Myanmar


Mrs. Moet Moet Zaw, Sustainability Coordinator

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By Memories Group